Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Announcement #1:
To all my lovely and pretty Sohabat9600, please email me your info (full name, contact no., home address, mailing address, email address) to either ainunnisa[at]yahoo.com or search me Nisa Ahmad-Yasir at Facebook. This is to update our database. Please use this subject as the email header: My Info. So that I'll aware of your incoming emails (somehow some email goes direct to my junk mail. bummer!)

Announcement #2:
Committee is in the process of choosing the venue according to our budget plan. So stay tune for our next update!! :)

Announcement #3:
Sape2 yang blom vote, do your part and VOTE NOW!! hehehe. to date, we already have 23 votes *woot woot* Vote will close in end Jan to make way for our installment plan. Installment plan?? ape tu?? haa...tunggu for the next update ye ;)

Announcement #4:
Shoutbox telah ditambah. jom say hi to everyone! behave ye girls!!! ;) jom jom jom let's make this space happening!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Permulaan Pertama


Permulaan pertama untuk kick-start our 10yr gathering which will be fanta-bulously delicious & bombastically fantastic hehehe...

So to all Sohabat9600, your duty for now is to vote the poll on the right side of the bar. Pretty please!!

And please block your calendar y'all!! The gathering will be from 4/12/10 until 5/12/10. Yup you read me right. 2 days 1 nite event for you and your lovely spouse and anak-anak :) jadi cepat-cepat lah plan untuk amek cuti yea kepada mereka yang bertugas di hujung minggu.

Again, please block your calendar for this special event: 4/12 ~ 5/12/10.
Vote now!! :)

p/s: poll tu untuk harga yang korang willing to pay inclusive of everything

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