Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Announcement #1:
To all my lovely and pretty Sohabat9600, please email me your info (full name, contact no., home address, mailing address, email address) to either ainunnisa[at]yahoo.com or search me Nisa Ahmad-Yasir at Facebook. This is to update our database. Please use this subject as the email header: My Info. So that I'll aware of your incoming emails (somehow some email goes direct to my junk mail. bummer!)

Announcement #2:
Committee is in the process of choosing the venue according to our budget plan. So stay tune for our next update!! :)

Announcement #3:
Sape2 yang blom vote, do your part and VOTE NOW!! hehehe. to date, we already have 23 votes *woot woot* Vote will close in end Jan to make way for our installment plan. Installment plan?? ape tu?? haa...tunggu for the next update ye ;)

Announcement #4:
Shoutbox telah ditambah. jom say hi to everyone! behave ye girls!!! ;) jom jom jom let's make this space happening!!!

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