Thursday, December 10, 2009

Permulaan Pertama


Permulaan pertama untuk kick-start our 10yr gathering which will be fanta-bulously delicious & bombastically fantastic hehehe...

So to all Sohabat9600, your duty for now is to vote the poll on the right side of the bar. Pretty please!!

And please block your calendar y'all!! The gathering will be from 4/12/10 until 5/12/10. Yup you read me right. 2 days 1 nite event for you and your lovely spouse and anak-anak :) jadi cepat-cepat lah plan untuk amek cuti yea kepada mereka yang bertugas di hujung minggu.

Again, please block your calendar for this special event: 4/12 ~ 5/12/10.
Vote now!! :)

p/s: poll tu untuk harga yang korang willing to pay inclusive of everything

Yang menurut perintah;

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